How To Avoid Getting Banned


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Wassup everyone, getting banned is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you
while on a site. HEADS UP, not only will your account get Banned but most likely you
will be IP banned as well (no making muti accounts).
I honestly see to many new people getting banned on forums for little things
That they didn't think they would get banned for so I made this to help them out.


Yes you can get banned for spamming this is probably the most common of the bans I have seen while on forums.
My advice to you don't post the same thing more than once/over and over again your just asking for them
to ban you when you do that so take time in your post and try to make every post unique.


Okay now every one know that scamming is an issue but I will go over it just in case new people try to catch
some ideas. Scamming is an automatic ban regardless of the situation. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT so why bother trying,
also to the people who so called don't want to get scammed umm we have a escrow service that prevent scam.


If you want to waste your time and go shit talk everyone all over the forum and the devs your just asking for a ban.
No one on this earth likes an asshole man go to the other forum with that mess.


I Hope This will help newbies on the forum or people who just don't know the banning system on forums.
I hate to see people get banned for dum reason like spam that's just messed up but again,
getting banned is a choice and its a choice you make so be careful on what you DO, SAY, and post inside and outside