I don't know where to go from here


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I don't know where to go from here. I recently lost my job due to an injury. While I was in college I had success carding. I figured I could do it again. I live in a big city so I've always had many drop addresses and have been able to sell items very quickly. With my scenario online carding seemed like a no brainier.

However, I'm not sure if methods have changed but I've had absolutely no success and I've lost a ton of money. I've only been able to have one order go through which got cancelled right before shipping.

I am going to explain my process and then hopefully maybe someone can explain what I'm doing wrong:

Basically I:
Buy cvv from trusted seller
Buy socks5 proxy that matches cvv location
Close down all processes on my computer
Run cc cleaner
Change MAC address
Open Firefox and set up socks5 proxy
I then check my ip location
I make sure my IP isnt blacklisted
I then start carding.

Ive tried carding dozens of sites including many that people have mentioned on the forums and I keep getting the same error which is either "please use a different card" or "we've detected you're on a proxy"

The only shop where I was able to charge a card was saks but I stupidly ordered on a Friday and the order got cancelled on Saturday night right before shipping.

I saw a tutorial where someone said to use remote desktop and Fraudfox. I downloaded the remote desktop but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to set it up. I tried finding Fraudfox but all the download links are broken and I only found one person selling it for $600. I am completely broke now since I've spent all my money on proxies and cvv's so I can't afford these things.

I am begging anyone who can help me. I'm so frustrated because like I mentioned earlier, I have a huge number of drop addresses and can quickly get rid of items so I know I can make a ton of money if I just figure out the carding process. I've invested so much time and money into this I refuse to give up as I don't even have the choice really.

Anyone who can help me will have my back for life, seriously. I am a man who believes in success in numbers. I live in NYC if anyone wants to mentor me. Thank you to anyone who read this.


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1 first when you on those sock vpn go to whore.net to check if you are 100% anonymous if you are not then check what is wrong
2 second you can use the card on porn site to be sure it is really credited that is it has amount in it so that will help you verify the billing address is correct this process sometimes can burn the card but happens rare cases ( avs) all bank uses avs to verify online transaction with a cc avs ( address verification system process)
3 try using billing address = delivery address and find someone close to that address that can do a ship to you
4 maybe you get a rdp
5 maybe card is dead your vendor sold same card to different people so get another one

Hope I am helpful I need crew myself
The PDF should solve your problem I bought that among many but i don't mind sharing read it it is useful
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Can somebody please reach out to me I am in California and I’m having the same problems dead cards canceled transactions or it say it’s being shipped and it cancels