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Junior Carder
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Hi guys Ive been working with StockX hacked accounts for several weeks successfully but today (On 12th of Oct) they have changed some details in anti-fraud system and now when you change the address,whole your billing/selling CC/PP saved info is being cleaned,before it happened only if you change an email of account.So here is a quesion: how to avoid this bullshit with info clearance...
I have used these ways to try keep data after changing shipping address: 1) using portable browser+socks5 based on CC zip via PC, 2) Trying to use my mobile cellular data with my Iphone to change the address 3) USA RDP based on CC state( couldn
t find offered RDP for CC ZIP...),but nothing worked.I can easy card items on card holder address( which comes with bought account and have already been set by owner) BUT when I change the address in profile it just clears all payment info,so there is no more possibility to card at used account.
Hope Ill find people whos working with StockX to share thoughts and ideas and get to the results.

P.S: I have few more ideas how to avoid these new changes but can`t say it on public,will share with interested and helpful colleague.
My TG is @hell0666 ,interested people are welcome!